World Food Day is observed in more than 150 countries each year on October 16.

The Lord has blessed us with an abundance of resources. Learning about where our food comes from, why so many people are hungry, and what practical opportunities there are to help those who are hungry softens our hearts and reminds us to be grateful for every meal.

Every day nearly one billion people face hunger. Drought, storms, violent conflict, spikes in energy prices and other crises can push basic food prices beyond the reach of those living in poverty even when they are able to find work.

World Food Day is an opportunity to be grateful and to prayerfully consider what we can do to help alleviate hunger.

Possible World Food Day Activities

  • Share a meal with family or church small group.
  • Organize a church-wide dinner.
  • Fast a meal and ask God what he would have you do about those who are hungry.
  • Teach a Sunday school lesson on caring for the poor.
  • Find out what your church is doing for the poor locally and globally, and volunteer to help.
  • Support nonprofits that work to alleviate hunger with financial contributions, time and prayer.
  • Volunteer at a local food center.

Videos to Share

What is World Food Day?
Prayer for World Food Day

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