Sex, unplanned pregnancy and abortion are not easy subjects to talk about in church. Sex, particularly sex outside of marriage, is a difficult enough topic, but abortion … the very word “abortion” is sure to lead either to awkward silence or to passionate conversation about what the church should think or say about abortion. 

Support for Celebrating Life_coverThis packet is intended to be a resource for pastors and ministry leaders wanting to take active and practical steps towards reducing the number of abortions in their congregations and communities.

In this packet, you’ll find:

  • Data about unplanned pregnancy and abortion;
  • Common struggles and fears accompanying pregnancy;
  • Help in the search for pre- and post-natal care for a mother in need;
  • Ideas for promoting positive family involvement for an unplanned pregnancy;
  • Information on adoption with particular focus on concerns of birthmothers; and
  • A copy of “Theology of Sex,” a positive and powerful examination of God’s good gift of sex for us and how we can appropriately honor that gift.

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