Poverty-focused international aid addresses a host of public health, disaster relief and food security issues, and promotes religious freedom and human rights. Though it is a very small portion of the U.S. budget, it is often on the chopping block.

In this podcast, you’ll hear NAE President Leith Anderson and Rich Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., discuss:

  • What is included in foreign aid and how the U.S. program got started;
  • How foreign aid furthers the ministry of World Vision and other Christian organizations;
  • What roles the government and churches should play in helping the poor; and
  • How U.S. foreign aid compares to programs of other developed countries.

Rich also shares about his background in the corporate world — how it prepared him to lead World Vision U.S. — and his heart for mission.

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Leith: I’ve had people say to me, and I’m sure you’ve had people say to you: “Well the United States has a huge debt. And we have continuing deficits, and so the debt’s getting bigger. Wait until we pay off all of our debts first, and then we’ll help somebody else.” How do you respond to that?

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