At a time when we need each other, we find ourselves physically distant from friends, neighbors, co-workers and fellow church members. But our spiritual unity in Christ cannot be undone. 

Message From NAE President Walter Kim

Will your church join with other churches across the country for Pray Together Sunday on June 14, 2020 — praying for the healing of our nation and world?

Whether in church buildings, homes or online meetings, we will come together seeking God’s intervention in our lives and asking for God’s justice and restoration to flow here on earth as it does in heaven. We will pray for strength to care for the most vulnerable, serve our neighbors in Jesus’ name and share the gospel with all who have not heard. May the Church of Jesus Christ be a light to a hurting world and rise up for such a time as this.

Let us know that your church will be praying! We’ll send you a list of prayer points.