The NAE Talk is a private forum for evangelical leaders to discuss pressing issues. This event focuses on equipping pastors and church leaders to wisely and winsomely navigate the practical challenges they face as they minister in today’s culture.

Sexual misconduct among leaders goes back to biblical times and is still a significant concern today. The NAE Talk on Sexual Misconduct and the Church will explore Scripture, pressing challenges and current opportunities in practical and thoughtful ways. Our Christian places of work and worship should be examples to the broader culture in how we treat each other, respond to issues and represent Jesus Christ.

What are the processes evangelical churches and ministries can follow to prevent misconduct? How should churches, denominations and other institutions respond when an issue is identified? What are the power dynamics and other core issues that need to be addressed? The purpose of this NAE Talk is to learn from those who have studied these issues and are able to share important standards and guidelines.

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