What messages do women today need to hear? How has technology expanded the opportunities for women leaders and ministries? In Today’s Conversation with NAE President Leith Anderson, Rebekah Lyons fields these questions on today’s women’s ministry and many more.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Rebekah share:

  • How her personal experience with a panic disorder impacts her ministry to women;
  • Why it’s important to have separate, specific ministries for women;
  • What churches can do to incorporate women into the mission of the church; and
  • Why national women leaders need to be connected to the local church.

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Leith: Most people in the world, in America and in the church are women. Women are the majority, and if we were to take a survey — not of everybody but at least in the context of those whom you know and that you speak to — what do you think … I guess there’s two sides to this: What do they want to hear, and what do you think they need to hear? What’s the message?

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