Daniel Henderson is a man of prayer, and he speaks to thousands of people each year at conferences and churches across the country and world on prayer and spiritual renewal. In Today’s Conversation, he shares what’s happening with prayer in America, and what should we do.

In this podcast, you’ll also hear Leith Anderson, NAE president, and Daniel Henderson, president of Strategic Renewal, discuss:

  • The definition of prayer;
  • Practical tips for making prayer a priority;
  • Why it’s important to pray with others; and
  • What churches can to do to cultivate an atmosphere of prayer in their congregation.

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Leith: Let’s start out with a basic yet kind of often asked theological question by a lot of people. Maybe it’s often unspoken. Maybe it’s said out loud. But why should we pray? You know, if God knows everything, why do we need to tell him what he already knows?

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