Here in the United States, there are over 100,000 children in foster care who are waiting to be adopted. These children have been removed from their biological homes as a result of neglect, abuse or abandonment, and are currently in the custody of the state. They are whom the Bible calls orphans. 

Jesus tells us in John 14 that he will not leave us as orphans, but will adopt us into his family, ensuring we have a room in his Father’s house. There are no orphans in heaven! What if we as churches worked together to make sure there are no orphans on earth? Or even no orphans in the United States?

Over this last year The District Church launched DC127 (, an initiative named after James 1:27, to reverse the foster care wait list in D.C. We are focused on helping recruit and support foster families by working together with other D.C. churches to host prayer gatherings, workshops and events. Our motto is “Everyone Can Do Something.” We believe no matter what your age, marital status or capacity, everyone can play a role. Whether it’s becoming a foster parent, cooking a meal, babysitting, mentoring or financially supporting the initiative, everyone can make a difference in the life of a child in foster care.

Join us in praying that in a few years we reverse the foster care wait list and ensure no child is waiting for a home.

This article originally appeared in the NAE Insight.