Uniting the Voices of Evangelicals

The National Association of Evangelicals represents nearly 40 different denominations and serves a constituency of millions.

We strive to make denominations strong and effective, to influence society for righteousness and justice and to gather the many voices of evangelical leaders together to be more fruitful for Jesus Christ and his cause.

In our diversity, we demonstrate a commitment to dynamic unity that works toward a vision of all things made new, of all God’s people reconciled and of a lost world saved.

We facilitate collaboration among denominational leaders to strengthen churches, as we enjoy fellowship together, and share and develop resources.

By building interdenominational consensus around biblical perspectives on the pressing questions of our day, the NAE has become a recognized voice in Washington — not as lobbyists, but as champions for evangelical concerns.

Connecting with the NAE Community of Denominations

We invite you to connect with these member denominations and their churches.

Membership Value for Your Denomination

As a member of the NAE, your denomination brings welcome insight to our diverse body and receives special benefits of participation.

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The value of your annual denominational membership includes these benefits:

NAE Credentials

  • Public affirmation and use of the NAE Statement of Faith, the gold standard of evangelical belief in America since 1942
  • Use of the NAE logo, which signifies your commitment to evangelical unity
  • Regular presentation of your denomination logo on the NAE website
  • Listing in the NAE Community of Denominations, with a link to the home page of your denomination’s website

Leadership and Influence

  • Standing seat on the NAE Board of Directors for denominations of 5,000 or more members
  • Opportunity for your denominational leader and a guest to attend the private NAE Washington Briefing with national leaders on Capitol Hill
  • Representation through court briefs in religious freedom cases
  • Denominational leadership access to hourly consultation with NAE executive staff (fee may apply)

Perspective and Insight

  • Subscription to the Evangelicals magazine for all denominational office staff, upon request
  • Up to 100 free sample copies of Evangelicals magazine each year to share with your key audiences, upon request
  • Free registration to NAE webinars for denominational leaders, pastors and churches
  • Five free samples of our annual Thru the Bible Reading Guide and advance order options of additional guides
  • Access to the full library of NAE publications

Events and Networking

  • Advance invitations and registration for NAE events, available to all denominational office staff
  • Invitation for your denominational executive to the NAE’s annual Denominational Executives Retreat
  • Listing of your denomination’s regional and national evangelical events on our Evangelical Calendar

Annual membership dues begin at $1,000 and scale up according to the number of congregational members associated with churches in your denomination.

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