Pray Together Sunday

While human divisions, partisan politics and other forces attempt to pull us apart, we are called to love one another and have unity in Christ. Will your church join with other churches across the country for Pray Together Sunday on June 14, 2020 — praying that God would make us one?

With the theme of “One in Christ,” churches participating in Pray Together Sunday will center their regular prayer time during their worship services on verses like Galatians 3:28 and John 17:20–23.

Together we will pray that we would seek God and engage his word together, that we would be united in our love for others, that we would bear one another’s burdens and help those in need, that we would proclaim the gospel and reach the lost, that we would honor God in the ways in which we interact with those who are different from us, and that we would be salt and light to a watching and broken world.

Unity in Christ doesn’t mean that we all look the same or vote the same way or think the same. What unites us is our faith in Jesus Christ and our commitment to follow his call to love others. 

Stay tuned for resources for Pray Together Sunday 2020!