Chaplains Training Workshop

The NAE Chaplains Commission hosts the Chaplains Training Workshop each year for the benefit of its chaplains and candidates, as well as chaplains from NAE denominations.

The 2017 Chaplains Training Workshop will center on “Embracing Unity; Better Together.” This year’s workshop is co-hosted by the International Ministerial Fellowship.

Sessions will provide for collegial exchanges on faithful and compassionate approaches to ministry that flow from gospel integrity, the Great Commission and shepherding the flock of God in the institution of the Armed Forces. We will provide training on religious freedom and religious accommodation issues, as well as other key issues impacting chaplain ministry today.

Chaplain supervisors should know that our goal is to ensure that chaplains of your religious support team are current, cognizant and capable to maintain the free exercise of religion for all of your personnel. We share with you the duty to establish just, inclusive and unified formations wherein each member possesses the resilience, resources and resolve to accomplish his or her duties in the realization of their full potential as a respected person.

The registration deadline is June 16, 2017. Spouses and children are welcome to join, but childcare will not be provided.

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July 17-20, 2017
Excelsior, MN

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