A Christian Perspective on the COVID Vaccines

COVID vaccines have not only brought a sense of hope, but also many questions. Is it truly safe after such a quick timetable for development? Will it actually be effective and for how long? Are there ethical issues involved in the creation of the vaccines that Christians should know about?

In his role as director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins oversees the largest supporter of biomedical research in the world. He is also a committed Christian. In Today’s Conversation podcast, you’ll hear Dr. Collins and NAE President Walter Kim discuss:

  • The integration of faith, science and health;
  • How vaccines actually affect the body;
  • The manufacturing process and ethics behind vaccinations; and
  • What role pastors and Christians should play during the pandemic.

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Will Evangelical Leaders Receive the COVID-19 Vaccine?

According to the January Evangelical Leaders Survey, an overwhelming majority (95 percent) of evangelical leaders said they would receive a COVID-19 vaccination when it becomes available to them. This is much higher than the general public in which roughly a quarter are reluctant to get the vaccine. A very high percentage (89 percent) of evangelical leaders also said they would encourage others to get the vaccine.

NAE President Walter Kim said, “While some have concerns about the newness of the vaccine, possible side effects or efficacy, a careful look at the science behind the vaccines is convincing and the Christian ethic to love is compelling.”

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Christians & the Vaccines

At Christians & the Vaccine, you’ll find a video series addressing the most common spiritual questions Christians have regarding the vaccine. There is also a Pastor’s Toolkit on the Vaccine to help pastors shepherd their congregations on this complex issue. And, we are working on short video conversations with key Christian leaders providing their unique perspective and guidance.

Christians & the Vaccine is a project of Redeeming Babel in partnership with the NAE, COVID Collaborative, the Ad Council, Values Partnerships and Public Square Strategies. Our goal is to equip pastors and Christian leaders to help others apply biblical principles to this topic.

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Toolkit for Faith Communities

The Ad Council and Values Partnership created toolkits designed to help faith leaders, especially in Black and Latino communities, facilitate critical conversations about COVID-19 vaccines. Many questions may arise, and these resources will help pastors and church leaders feel empowered to inform church members and families.

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