Denominations and Churches

Membership in the Evangelical Chaplains Commission is reserved for denominations and churches that wish to send chaplains into the mission field or support the efforts of those already engaged in ministry.

A prerequisite for membership in the Evangelical Chaplains Commission is membership in the National Association of Evangelicals. Members in good standing can then apply for one of two types of membership within the Commission. All denomination and church members have a representative on the Commission Board, which regulates the endorsement process for members and sets the policies and procedures for the Commission.

Church Members

This membership category consists of individual churches serving either on active duty or in the reserve components of the military services. The Evangelical Chaplains Commission handles all approval and endorsing actions on behalf of these members.

Dues per year are $1,500. The deadline for dues each year is June 30.

Denomination Members

Denominations members serve as their own endorsing body. They maintain membership in the Commission to strengthen the voice of evangelicalism within the chaplaincy and the Department of Defense.

The Evangelical Chaplains Commission, although it operates under the authority and as a part of the National Association of Evangelicals, is not funded or staffed by the parent organization. The Evangelical Chaplains Commission elects its own officers and has its own budget. Operating funds are raised through dues assessed to the members, active duty and reserve chaplains.

Dues per year are $1,500. The deadline for dues each year is June 30.

Contact the National Association of Evangelicals to receive a Chaplains Commission membership application.