Chaplains and Candidates

The Evangelical Chaplains Commission enables individual churches or denominations to send chaplain missionaries into the mission fields. Since a strong relationship with a local church or denomination is essential to a chaplain’s success and spiritual well-being, applicants must be recommended to us by a church or denomination that is a member of the Evangelical Chaplains Commission.

Become a Chaplain

The Evangelical Chaplains Commission endorses chaplains for service in the Armed Forces, Department of Veterans Affairs and other institutions. Start the process.

Train as a Chaplain Candidate

Chaplain candidates have opportunities to train for ministry and learn about the chaplaincy while still completing their seminary and ministry experience requirements. Learn more.

Find a Chaplain Recruiter

Chaplains and candidates have unique recruiting needs. The first step toward military chaplaincy is to contact a specially assigned recruiter. Find a military recruiter.