Together in the Cause of Righteousness and Justice

The National Association of Evangelicals welcomes Christian businesses to join us in the cause of justice and righteousness. Businesses have a unique part to play in the health of our nation.

Together we stand on God’s revelation in Scripture of redemption alone in Jesus Christ the Son of God, by grace through faith.

Based on our shared beliefs, NAE events and resources enrich business leaders to engage their workplace for righteousness and justice in the world.

We understand that corporate guidelines may preclude certain organizations from making a public affirmation of the NAE Statement of Faith. In that case, please consider showing your support for the NAE as an individual member, or through donation or sponsorship.

Connecting with the NAE Community of Businesses

We invite you to connect with these member businesses.

Membership Value for Your Business

As a member of the NAE, your business strengthens the influence of evangelicals today and receives special benefits of participation.

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The value of your annual business membership includes these benefits:

NAE Credentials

  • Public affirmation and use of the NAE Statement of Faith, the gold standard of evangelical belief in America since 1942
  • Use of the NAE logo, which gives you the credibility of a national organization and signifies your commitment to evangelical unity
  • Listing in the NAE Community of Businesses, with a link to the home page of your business website

Perspective and Insight

  • Five subscriptions to Evangelicals magazine of the NAE
  • Up to 100 free sample copies of Evangelicals magazine each year to share with your key audiences, upon request
  • Free registration to NAE webinars
  • Five free samples of our annual Thru the Bible Reading Guide and advance order options of additional guides
  • Access to the full library of NAE publications

Events and Networking

  • Advance invitations and registration for NAE events
  • Listing of your business’s regional and national evangelical events on our Evangelical Calendar

Annual membership dues scale from $275 to $825 based on the size of your business.

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Additional Opportunity as an Advocate

Throughout the history of our nation, evangelicals have come together to advocate the greater good.

We facilitate collaborative efforts among top evangelical leaders to strengthen churches, fellowship with one another, and share and develop effective resources.

By building interdenominational consensus around biblical perspectives on the pressing questions of our day, the NAE has become a recognized voice in Washington — not as lobbyists, but as champions for evangelical concerns.

If you desire to come alongside the NAE in this significant effort, we invite you to supplement your business membership with a generous gift of $10,000 and join us as an Advocate, with the following benefits:

Leadership and Influence

  • Opportunity for your business leader and a guest to attend the private NAE Washington Briefing with national leaders on Capitol Hill
  • Business leadership access to hourly consultation with NAE executive staff (fee applies)

Tax Deductibility of Membership and Advocate Dues

The IRS has issued guidelines regarding the tax-deductibility of membership dues. A receipt will be provided for dues paid to the NAE. Please consult your tax professional to confirm eligible deductions related to your membership.

The National Association of Evangelicals is registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States of America.