Right now, there are 65 million forcibly displaced people worldwide. As Scott Arbeiter illustrates in Today’s Conversation, that number would include the population of 12 Midwestern states in America. But, the crisis feels far from our doorstep, and information about refugees in the media can be confusing.

In this podcast, you’ll hear Leith Anderson, NAE president, and Scott Arbeiter, World Relief president, discuss:

  • How the U.S. refugee vetting process differs from European countries;
  • Our country’s response to the refugee crisis thus far;
  • Whether the United States should prioritize persecuted Christians who are refugees; and
  • How reductions in refugees to the United States will affect our country for years to come.

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Leith: As far as Christians are concerned — and particularly evangelical Christians in America — there’s fear. Some people are just afraid, and fear is shaping what their attitude is towards refugees as well as their interpretation of Scripture. So what’s your take on the role of fear in our country right now over this?

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