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Spring 2015 | Science & Faith

NAE_Insight_Spring_2015_front_pg125Many people perceive a hostility between people of faith and science and between scientists and faith. Yet, science impacts nearly every aspect of life, and many scientists are evangelicals. This issue explores the integration of science and faith.


Winter 2014/15 | Evangelical Doctrine

NAE_Insight_Winter_2014_frontpg125While evangelical traditions and denominations have distinctions in their doctrines, there is much that binds them together. What are the doctrines evangelicals ought to know? What are the top theological issues facing today's seminarians? Explore these questions and more.


Fall 2014 | The Bible

NAE_Insight_Fall_2014_ftpg_175The Bible is extraordinary. Its inspired words are as old as history, and yet it is new and relevant to tomorrow’s struggles and opportunities. This issue looks at the state of the Bible in the United States, the progress of Bible translation efforts around the world, and innovative tools for increased Bible engagement.



Summer 2014 | The Graying Population

NAE_Insight_Summer_2014_front_pg_125 As the boomers age (10,000 boomers are turning 65 every day) and health care advances, the United States can expect to see the older population in the United States nearly double by 2050. Are churches ready?


Spring 2014 | Immigration

NAE_Insight_Spring_2014_ftpg_125With 40 million immigrants in the United States, immigration is a reality that impacts the local church in America in too many ways to ignore. Learn how churches are engaging immigrants in their communities and why many are pushing for comprehensive immigration reform.



Winter 2013/14 | Churches for the Poor

NAE_Insight_Winter_2013_ftpg_125How can churches practically meet the many needs in their communities and elsewhere? What role can suburban churches play? How can churches work with others to address educational inequality, poverty, natural disasters, foster care, immigration and homelessness. Many churches want to do to more, but don't know where to start. Start here.

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