Today’s Conversation with Leith Anderson features two innovators in Christian music: Eddie Carswell and David Crowder. Both have been in the Christian music industry for decades, producing award-winning albums and songs. In addition, Eddie launched Winter Jam, a Christian music tour that has outpaced any other tour’s attendance — including non-Christian tours — for the past four years.

In this podcast, you’ll hear two veterans of Christian music share:

  • The joys and challenges of this unique ministry space;
  • How they stay connected with the Body of Christ while on tours;
  • The ways in which the industry has changed in the past two decades; and
  • Advice for young artists.

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Leith: You’re both at a place where you’ve been richly blessed and highly successful. It’s maybe been hard along the way, but it’s gone really well. So what advice do you have for someone who’s just getting started in Christian music? At the beginning, it was mentioned about having to do marketing. And you know, somebody’s got a garage band. They don’t understand about marketing. How do you get started? And what do you tell someone who’s at the front end?

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