Sanctity of Life

Protecting the sanctity of human life and safeguarding its nature

Because God created human beings in his image, all people share in the divine dignity. And because the Bible reveals God's calling and care of persons before they are born, the preborn share in this dignity (Ps. 139:13).


We believe that abortion, euthanasia, and unethical human experimentation violate the God-given dignity of human beings. As these practices gain social approval and become legitimized in law, they undermine the legal and cultural protections that our society has provided for vulnerable persons. Human dignity is indivisible. A threat to the aged, to the very young, to the unborn, to those with disabilities, or to those with genetic diseases is a threat to all.


Take Action

  • Check out the Generation Forum, an NAE initiative to explore practical and realistic approaches to curtail the nation's high abortion rate.
  • Visit the How to Adopt website to consider adoption and promote it in your churches and communities.