Thanksgiving is a unique American holiday, a time to gather with family and give thanks to God for our blessings. Most churches remember the poor at Thanksgiving by preparing and delivering food baskets to those in the community who might otherwise go hungry. Some churches also take special offerings to support hunger relief around the world.

Over the next several months, important decisions will be made on the federal budget. Christians from many denominations and theological backgrounds have joined together to call on politicians to get serious about deficit reduction in a way that does not harm poor and hungry people. We call it the circle of protection

As churches gather to prepare and deliver Thanksgiving baskets, we encourage you to also take a few minutes to write short handwritten letters in your own words to your Representative and Senators.

Sample Letter

Your name
Your address

Dear _____________ (name of your Representative or Senator),

Paragraph 1:  Describe what your church is doing to help the poor in your community, and around the world. 

Paragraph 2:  Ask your leader to develop a deficit reduction agreement that gets our fiscal house in order while placing a circle of protection around poor and vulnerable people both at home and abroad. 

Paragraph 3:  Ask your leader to tell you what he or she is doing to protect the poor as he or she works to balance the budget.

Paragraph 4:  Assure your leader of your prayers for wisdom and courage as he or she makes these important decisions.

Your name

Where to write:
The Honorable ___________________                   
U.S. House of Representatives                            
Washington, DC 20515                                            

The Honorable ___________________   
United States Senate
Washington, DC 20510


Please let the NAE know what responses you get from your legislators by emailing our office.