Denominations, churches and para-church organizations are at the heart of the NAE. We work to make these organizations strong and effective and to enrich their ministry.

Ours is both a unified and diverse body, bringing together Calvinist, Arminian, Wesleyan, Anabaptist and Charismatic traditions. Together we stand on God's revelation in Scripture of redemption alone in Jesus Christ the Son of God, by grace through faith. Within our denominations and churches can be found a commitment to dynamic unity that works toward a vision of all things made new, of all God's people reconciled, and of a lost world saved.

The NAE serves this diverse body through a number of unique services and networks. We are committed to publically standing with our members for biblical truth. Our Statement of Faith, adopted in 1942, provides a theological touchstone for evangelicals across the country. We are committed to convening diverse gatherings and conversations that encourage, resource and enrich our denominational, organizational and church leaders. And we facilitate united action, cooperative ministry and strategic planning to achieve our shared goals.