Circle of Protection
As the budget debate rages on Capitol Hill, a diverse group of Christian leaders, including NAE President Leith Anderson, has joined together to form a coalition committed to providing a Circle of Protection around the poor.

The NAE is grateful for renewed attention and public debate about the national debt, which has accumulated over many years and currently exceeds $14 trillion. By failing to live within its means, the nation has enjoyed unsustainable prosperity at the expense of future generations. The NAE's most recent resolution Lowering the Debt, Raising the Poor states, "We reiterate our insistence that deficit reduction not lead to an abandonment of our commitments to the poor. We embrace the Church’s call to care for the poor. The government also shares in this responsibility. Basic decency requires that we assist those who lack the bare essentials for survival. Prudence dictates that we help the poor reach their full potential as productive, tax-paying citizens. Addressing extreme poverty abroad demonstrates the nation’s values and builds a more stable, prosperous and secure world for everyone."

The joint statement released by the coalition states: "As Christian leaders, we are committed to fiscal responsibility and shared sacrifice. We are also committed to resist budget cuts that undermine the lives, dignity, and rights of poor and vulnerable people. Therefore, we join with others to form a Circle of Protection around programs that meet the essential needs of hungry and poor people at home and abroad."

On July 20, 2011, a group of Circle of Protection leaders met with President Obama asking him to protect funding for programs for hungry and poor people in the ongoing budget debate and in any deal concerning the default crisis. See the press release.

On Sept. 12, 2012, the Cirle of Protection released exclusive videos that President Obama and Governor Romney submitted answering what they will do to protect the poor and hungry among us.

And on Feb. 25, 2013, as the sequester deadline approaches, nearly 100 Christian leaders released a pastoral letter to President Obama and the leaders of Congress calling for an end to the political brinksmanship that is slowing the nation's economy recovery. Sign the letter.

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