Executive Leadership


Leith Anderson

Leith Anderson, NAE President, was the senior pastor of Wooddale Church in Eden Prairie, Minn., for 35 years before retiring in 2011. He regularly teaches in seminaries, addresses evangelical concerns with elected officials and provides theological and cultural commentary to leading news outlets. Anderson has a Doctor of Ministry from Fuller Theological Seminary, and is a graduate of Moody Bible Institute, Bradley University and Denver Seminary.

GalenGalen Carey

Galen Carey, NAE Vice President, Government Relations, is responsible for representing the NAE before Congress, the White House and the Courts. He works to advance the principles of the NAE document, "For the Health of the Nation." Before joining the NAE staff, Carey was a longtime employee of World Relief, the relief and development arm of the NAE.


Heather Gonzales

Heather Gonzales, NAE Vice President & COO, has served the NAE since 2005, most recently as Association Director. Previously, she worked for IRI, an international democracy promotion organization; Africa Inland Mission in Namibia; and several congressional offices. She holds degrees in history and business management from Huntington College and a Masters of Liberal Studies from Georgetown University.


David Cyr

Chaplain David H. Cyr, Executive Director of the NAE Chaplains Commission, served as an active duty chaplain in the U.S. Air Force for 32 years, retiring from his distinguished career as Deputy Chief of Air Force Chaplains in June 2011. He is a graduate of Valley Forge Christian College, Bangor Theological Seminary, Northwestern Oklahoma State University and the National War College.

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